LIMITED OFFER! 10% off on your First order. Use *MYFIRSTBOX10*
LIMITED OFFER! 10% off on your First order. Use *MYFIRSTBOX10*
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We’re not a regular Sweet company.

We don’t sell sugar, YES! we mean that, because that's what you are buying in the form of sweet in every other sweet shop. Our Laddus are made with all-natural Jaggery and Ghee.
No more confusion with unnecessary information. Our goal is to keep things simple and real for you. Our Laddus are free of any added sugar, sugar alcohols, artificial preservatives and artificial colors or flavors. We don’t just make Laddus, we handcraft them with love and care.

Anything you can eat, you can eat better. It’s how we take care of food so food can take care of you.

The less we add, the more you taste. Our signature Laddus are made with 5 or fewer ingredients, packed with balanced nutrients and delectable flavor. 'Less' just became a whole lot more.

Our Mission is to connect people a.k.a. you to Real and Clean Ingredients.